Book Expo + Book Con 2018

Hi all! I'll be at Book Expo and Book Con this year. I'll be signing free arcs of Ignite the Stars, so make you stop by. There's be some enamel pins and bookmarks at the booth as well! Hope to see you all there!

And there's going to be a cool photo-op w/something from the book. I'll announce it closer to the day. Get ready to take pics!


book expo000.jpg

YALLWEST 2018 - I'll be there and I'll be square

I'll be at YALLWEST (is it supposed to be all caps? I've just been doing it that way because it's easier for me). I'll just be wandering around, looking tired because I'm thinking about book 2, but then happy again because hopefully i'll be eating a sushi burrito at the food truck lot.

Anyway, if you wanna say hello, I'll be there. Just yell my name, and it's alright if you can't pronounce it--not many people know how to!

We can talk about Ignite the Stars, kpop, dogs, anime, Buffy, what it'd be like to live on Mars, fashion. Say hello, we can high-five, or just nod at each other from across the way. I might be dressed in all black, but I am not mean.


There's a cover! THERE'S A COVER!

I am so beyond thrilled for all of you to finally see the cover for IGNITE THE STARS. 



Doesn't she look amazing?!?!

When I saw the first draft of this cover, I wept like a mother seeing her newborn child for the first time. I've been writing this character for over two years now, and now I finally get to see her. And it's oh so satisfying.

And on top of that, the fact that Ia Cōcha is on the cover is BIG DEAL for me.

It's so important to me that young readers also see women of color on the covers of books that they read. When I was younger, I looked up to Buffy, Xena, and Scully. I wanted to be just like them - heroic, confident, bold. But there was this dangerous mode of thinking, a parasite of a thought, that told me I could never actually be like them because I didn't look like them. My skin was dark, my Asian features were not like theirs.  Instead, characters who looked like me were the background players, at most a brainy by default, I often took that part. I was quiet and studious, because I thought that was the role I had to play all throughout my life. 

Being exposed to the depictions like these, there are certain narratives that we think we have to follow. It's hard to swim up against that current, loaded with stereotypes, expectations,  and labels. These will hold you back only if you let it. So don't. Let. It.

 But also don't resent who you are. Embrace your culture, your skin, your beautiful eyes. They make you who you are.  So I love that Ia is on the cover, to show everyone that heroes can be short, Asian girls too. Ia Cōcha is  for the readers who need her, so that they never doubt themselves.

You are fierce. You are bold. You can take on the universe. 

If you wanna spread the love, here's the tweet for the cover reveal. Don't forget to sign up a chance to win a free ARC!!




2018 and my relationship with horoscopes

First of all, happy 2018! I hope that each day of this upcoming year will be bright and productive, with tons of eye-smiles and real smiles for all of us. 

The first thing I do when the new year comes is read my yearly horoscope. I know, I know--some of you may be doing a heavy eye roll right now, but I'm not a total BELIEVER. I don't look at every single word and think, yes this is 100% going to happen to me today. Because most of this doesn't apply. Like the ones that say. "Congrats on the purchase of your new house." Um no, not going to happen...not in LA, at least. But hey, maybe I'll get a cabin in Alaska one day's possible.

But I do love reading my horoscope because it's usually surprisingly positive. I like to think of my horoscopes as my daily cheerleaders, bringing me sunshine and good news. I like the ones that say, "Good work. You're on top of your game today." And I whisper quietly, "Thank you."

And by the way, I'm an Aquarius. How about you?

SIDE NOTE - How awesome are these Vetements Horoscopes Tees. If you see me wearing one, you can laugh at me for how much I spent on it.


I'm taking over Instagram. After that, the world!

I'm not really taking over ALL of instagram, but I will be helming Albert Whitmans' Instagram account tomorrow. The reason--it's the photo shoot for Ignite The Stars' book cover!


If you're curious about what goes into making a book cover, then take a front row seat to seeing the BEFORE way before the AFTER (aka the finished book cover). Check out to feast your eyes on some cool stuff. 

Feel free to shoot me some questions via the account, and I'll try and answer them!