YALLWEST 2018 - I'll be there and I'll be square

I'll be at YALLWEST (is it supposed to be all caps? I've just been doing it that way because it's easier for me). I'll just be wandering around, looking tired because I'm thinking about book 2, but then happy again because hopefully i'll be eating a sushi burrito at the food truck lot.

Anyway, if you wanna say hello, I'll be there. Just yell my name, and it's alright if you can't pronounce it--not many people know how to!

We can talk about Ignite the Stars, kpop, dogs, anime, Buffy, what it'd be like to live on Mars, fashion. Say hello, we can high-five, or just nod at each other from across the way. I might be dressed in all black, but I am not mean.