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WonderCon Panel

SUNDAY 3/31/19

11:00 - 12:00 Technology is Cold; People are Warm  An arguably established aphorism in the field of speculative fiction is that stories that focus on technology can lack emotional content. Panelists including WonderCon guests Cory Doctorow (Radicalized) and Michael Grumley (Breakthrough series), S.B. Divya (Runtime), J. Dianne Dotson (Heliopause: The Questrison Saga), and Maura Milan (Ignite the Stars) will get to the heart of the matter with moderator Maryelizabeth Yturralde (Mysterious Galaxy)

Post-Panel Signing - The Author Signing Area (ASA) is in the exhibit hall; books are provided by Mysterious Galaxy 

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2018 San Diego Comic Con

Panel: Fly Me to the Moon and Let me Play Among Those Stars

Relationships in space travel can be expansive and galaxy-spanning or so intimate as to be claustrophobic. Alexa Donne (Brightly Burning), Marina Lostetter (Noumenon Infinity), Maura Milan (Ignite the Stars), Sylvain Neuvel (The Themis Files), Tillie Walden (On a Sunbeam), and Greg Van Eekhout(Voyage of the Dogs) navigate the emotional and physical spaces of speculative fiction with Maryelizabeth Yturralde of Mysterious Galaxy.

Location: Room 28DE

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