2018 and my relationship with horoscopes

First of all, happy 2018! I hope that each day of this upcoming year will be bright and productive, with tons of eye-smiles and real smiles for all of us. 

The first thing I do when the new year comes is read my yearly horoscope. I know, I know--some of you may be doing a heavy eye roll right now, but I'm not a total BELIEVER. I don't look at every single word and think, yes this is 100% going to happen to me today. Because most of this doesn't apply. Like the ones that say. "Congrats on the purchase of your new house." Um no, not going to happen...not in LA, at least. But hey, maybe I'll get a cabin in Alaska one day though...it's possible.

But I do love reading my horoscope because it's usually surprisingly positive. I like to think of my horoscopes as my daily cheerleaders, bringing me sunshine and good news. I like the ones that say, "Good work. You're on top of your game today." And I whisper quietly, "Thank you."

And by the way, I'm an Aquarius. How about you?

SIDE NOTE - How awesome are these Vetements Horoscopes Tees. If you see me wearing one, you can laugh at me for how much I spent on it.