And I'm finally here.

After dabbling in posting through so many different mediums (including Medium), I thought I'd finally do it for real. On my real website (which has, at long last, been rejuvenated after all these years). On the real internets. With real content (or what I think is real content).

In the past I've been so worried about showing everyone a specific side of myself through very compartmentalized webspeak, all of it curated for whatever audience that content spoke to. A fashion blog just for posting about all the designers I obsess over. A tumblr just for posting all my geek gifs. A Medium site which basically was all Block B posts. 

But now, all of THAT will live HERE.

Get ready. Because you are going to know the real me. Everything from kpop to Comme Des Garcons to my stress-filled writing journey.

So, grab a cup of matcha, and let's start getting to know each other.